Best-sellers: our most popular welding & safety gloves

Man welding with gloves

Our hand protection and work glove range are ideal for a wide array of applications (such as welding, packaging, manufacturing, machinery operation and general handling), making them the preferred choice among welders for optimum safety and comfort. Coming in a range of sizes, they provide a snug fit for everyone, allowing for flexible hand motion and coordination.

Check out our best-sellers below:

1. Premium Cow Grain Rigger Gloves

Premium Cow Grain Rigger Gloves ($4.50/pair)(GLORIG-CGL41C)


2. Red Kevlar Gloves

Red Kevlar Gloves/Welders

3. Latex Foam Glove

Latex Foam Glove LFN ($3.50/pair)


4. Safety Gear Black Panther Gloves

Black Panther Gloves LN ($3.20/pair)


Maximise your production safety with welders gloves that are high grade & comfortable. Contact us at (08) 6254 2623 or to purchase your welding gloves & safety gloves in bulk today.

Best Tray Heat-Sealing Machines

Food trays and sealers come highly recommended by our food packaging experts for long-lasting, quality commercial packaging. Tray sealers heat-seal a transparent film over the trays to create a professional finish to any ready-to-eat food found in supermarkets, delis, catering and more. This mode of packing food not only improves food longevity but also increases shelf appeal to impact sales. Our food packaging experts recommend manual tray sealers because they are compact and easy to use – making them ideal for small to medium sized retailers. The purchase of either tray sealers from Packaging R Us also entitles you to one complimentary sealing frame.

1. Maxi Sealer

The Colseal Maxi Sealer is ideal for packing ready-to-eat food. Choose from a variety of sandwich/salad and tortilla wrap packs (with and without film). It is estimated that you can heat seal up to 400 packs per hour manually. Check out what packs are compatible with the ColSeal Maxi Sealer here.

Made in Sweden • Stainless steel • Dimensions: 500 x 240 x 640 mm • 13kg • 230 volts


2. P100 Manual Sealer

The P100 is a small and compact machine, perfect for entry-level heat-sealing. This manual sealing machine is suitable for a variety of preformed trays (PP & PET), ensuring a match for your preferences and needs. Check out the trays compatible with the P100 here.

Stainless steel S304 • Dimensions: 550 x 270 x 420 mm • 21kg • 240 volts, 1ph


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