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Apollo – Neutral Floor Cleaner


Perfect for food area. 

APOLLO is a concentrated blend of anionic & non-ionic surfactants designed for the safe and efficient cleaning of sealed and polished floors.

Available in 5L and 20L

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Use Recommendations

APOLLO is safe to use on most surfaces, such as floors, walls, cabinets, vinyl, plastic, stainless steel and any other hard surface that would not be harmed by water alone.  This product is compatible with both phenolics and hypochlorite solutions and is ideal for use in most industries.

For best results use APOLLO with warm water and use it sparingly. Always rinse surfaces with potable water periodically to avoid detergent build-up.

Dilution Recommendations:

  • Light Duty Cleaning 6 mls per litres of water
  • Medium Duty Cleaning 12 mls per litres of water
  • Heavy Duty Cleaning 100 mls per 10 litres of water

20 Litre, 5 Litre