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    Exploring Environmentally Friendly Food Packaging

    Introduction: In today’s world, the focus on environmental sustainability has never been more crucial. One significant area where businesses can make a difference is in their choice of food packaging. Packaging R Us, a leader in eco-friendly / compostable food packaging supplies wholesale in Australia, we understand the market requirement and offers a wide range […]

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    Compostable Food Packaging in Australia: A Sustainable Choice

    Introduction: Compostable food packaging is gaining popularity in Australia as more businesses and consumers strive to reduce their environmental footprint. Packaging R Us, a leading supplier of eco-friendly food packaging in Australia, has been at the forefront of this sustainable movement. In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of compostable food packaging and how Packaging […]

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    Best-sellers: our most popular welding & safety gloves

    Our hand protection and work glove range are ideal for a wide array of applications (such as welding, packaging, manufacturing, machinery operation and general handling), making them the preferred choice among welders for optimum safety and comfort. Coming in a range of sizes, they provide a snug fit for everyone, allowing for flexible hand motion […]

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    Best Tray Heat-Sealing Machines

    Food trays and sealers come highly recommended by our food packaging experts for long-lasting, quality commercial packaging. Tray sealers heat-seal a transparent film over the trays to create a professional finish to any ready-to-eat food found in supermarkets, delis, catering and more. This mode of packing food not only improves food longevity but also increases […]

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    Best Takeaway Food Packaging Supplies

    If you are looking for quality takeaway food packaging supplies, Packaging R Us has you covered. In the last 3 months, hospitality businesses have had to adapt to new normals. Especially seeing high demand in takeaway and delivery menus and services. As a small local business located in Canning Vale WA, we are ready to […]

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    As a small local business, we feel for the struggles of fellow business owners in our community in these uncertain times. We want to help the restaurant and cafe owners as much as we can to cut costs on their packaging, which is why we are running a flash-sale on take-away food tubs! All food […]

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    MASKS: Which one should I be wearing? How do I check if it’s safe?

    What masks should I be wearing? Should you use a cloth mask which makes it easy to breathe and washable option, or go with the disposable masks which will cost more in the long run? Personally, it depends on your purpose for wearing the mask in the first place. If it Is for health reasons, […]

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    Food Packaging 101: Compostable, Biodegradable or Recyclable?

    You’ve just finished your delicious bowl of takeaway pasta, in the corner of your eye you see three different coloured bins – red, yellow and green. You flip the bowl and it says it’s compostable, the lid says it’s recyclable and the cutlery is white plastic with no signs. It’s a little confusing. Now what? […]

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    sugarcane bowl

    What Is Compostable Packaging?

    There’s been lots of buzz on sustainability, especially in packaging. According to Clean Up Australia, Australia generated 4.4 million tonnes of packaging waste in the year to June 2018 and only 44% of this went to landfill. We know businesses like yours need packaging to function. Thankfully, there are multiple solutions to this problem. One of which […]

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    Launching : Disposables from the earth… “PALM LEAF”

    Finally…  Eco friendly, nature friendly, biodegradable packaging to the next level An all nature’s products, with no compromise on the quality, style and durability of disposables…  “Palm leaf disposables”, its made from fallen palm leaves, sun-dried, heat pressed, and sterilized to form a natural, non-toxic, and organic disposable plates, platters, and bowls. There’s just so much functionality […]

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