Dry & Shine – Auto Rinse Aid


DRY & SHINE Machine Rinse Aid is an environmentally responsible automatic machine dishwashing rinse aid that is readily bio-degradable with no fillers or phosphates

Use Recommendations

Use Recommendation
DRY & SHINE has a place beside every automatic dishwashing machine where hand drying dishes, crockery and cutlery is prohibitive. Automatically dispensed into the final rinse cycle to rapidly dry and leave no streaks. Saves time and labour and keeps the crew happy with a shiny plates and cutlery.

NOTE: In high infection risk areas such as hospitals & nursing homes we recommend the use of SANI DRY as a substitute to DRY & SHINE because SANI DRY contains an added sanitizer.

NOTE: For glassware used to serve carbonated beverages we recommend SPARKLE as DRY & SHINE reduces foam head because fewer impurities remain exposed to form bubbles on glassware.

Dilution Recommendations
Use as received through automatic dosing pump.
Flow rate of the rinse cycle water should be check and dose rate set on the unit accordingly. This product may also be manually dispensed into domestic dishwashing rinse reservoirs at machine manufacturers dosage recommendations.

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