Product Code: WC880-20

POTWASH is a non caustic, high alkaline and low foaming detergent cleaner specially designed for CIP operations and cleaning of aluminium and other soft metals which can be easily corroded if the incorrect chemical is used.

Use Recommendations

POTWASH is used for:

Automatic Pot wash machines via Auto Di
Ware washing machines
Keg & line washing
Aluminium Tray & Filter washing
Soak baths cleaning applications
Vat & tank cleaning

Pot washing & Ware washing: 2 to 4mls per litres of water
CIP Cleaning: up to 2% w/w
Soak bath: up to 4% w/w

Safety Phrase

Refer Label, TDS or SDS

  • Biodegradable Product
  • Dangerous

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