Sanidry – Rinse Aid


SANI-DRY is a combination sanitser/rinse and drying aid for dishwashing machines.

Health authorities recommend that to achieve a satisfactory level of sanitation by hot water alone, utensils put through a dishwasher should be in contact with the water at a temperature of 82°C for a minimum of 30 seconds.

Size – 20 Litre

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Use Recommendations

SANI-DRY can be used in all types of glass and dishwashing machines in restaurants, hotels, motels, clubs, canteens, homes and other catering establishments. SANI-DRY eliminates spotting and streaking as the articles dry. Several precision feeding devices are available for automatic dispensing of SANI-DRY into the final rinse water of dishwashing machines and glass washers. Our Technical and Service Department should be contacted on this subject.

Safety Phrase

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