Best-sellers: our most popular welding & safety gloves

Man welding with gloves

Our hand protection and work glove range are ideal for a wide array of applications (such as welding, packaging, manufacturing, machinery operation and general handling), making them the preferred choice among welders for optimum safety and comfort. Coming in a range of sizes, they provide a snug fit for everyone, allowing for flexible hand motion and coordination.

Check out our best-sellers below:

1. Premium Cow Grain Rigger Gloves

Premium Cow Grain Rigger Gloves ($4.50/pair)(GLORIG-CGL41C)


2. Red Kevlar Gloves

Red Kevlar Gloves/Welders

3. Latex Foam Glove

Latex Foam Glove LFN ($3.50/pair)


4. Safety Gear Black Panther Gloves

Black Panther Gloves LN ($3.20/pair)


Maximise your production safety with welders gloves that are high grade & comfortable. Contact us at (08) 6254 2623 or to purchase your welding gloves & safety gloves in bulk today.