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A non-shrink plastic pallet covers are a durable option and are a cost-effective way to make sure your shipment is adequately protected against the elements.

Pallet bags are ideal cover to protect palletised goods against wind, water & dust damage.

Alternate use for this is as a bin liners for the Nally bins -suitable to 780L bin (megabin)

Product details: 1850 mm x1220 mm +1220 mm x 45um

Colour: Clear.

Price includes GST for a roll of 35 bags ($2.37 per bag).


SKU: PB-1809 (NON SHRINK) 35/roll
SKU: PB-1809 (NON SHRINK) 35/roll
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Plastic protection to be used as a pallet cover or bin liner.

35 bags per roll.

Clear for a good view of products covered.

Non- Shrink

Not suitable for Heat Gun usage.

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